These are the 4 common cases you will encounter in a civil court

Civil law is a abroad category of law that will primarily involve disagreements that are between two parties. Most of these disagreements can be considered as private matters and such cases will be heard in civil court. Many such cases will involve acts of omission or commission by one party that ended up resulting in harm to another party.

In this article, we will look at the 4 common cases you will encounter in a civil court.

1 Torts

A tort is essentially a case that will involve injury to an individual which can either be a physical injury, an injury to their reputation, or an injury to their property that has been caused by another party. These types of cases include issues of personal injury, negligence, battery, medical malpractice, defamation and fraud among others.In such a case, the injured party will be entitled to compensation from the party that caused the injury.

2 Breach of contract

When one party fails to meet obligations they agreed to as part of a contract, this is termed as a breach of contract. If the two parties in the contract are unable to amicably resolve the issue on their own, then such a case will end up in civil court where the party that breached the contract will be liable to compensating the other party including paying for the cost of the suit especially if they are found not to have had any legal justification to breach the contract. Such cases may include failure to respect payment terms, non-completion of a job and non-delivery of goods, among others.

3 Equitable claims

When one party is seeking to bar or stop another party from taking some type of action, they go to civil court to file a case referred to as an equitable claim. If their claim has merit, a judge will often grant their request. Such cases include, temporary restraining orders, injunctions, among others.

4 Disputes between landlords and tenants

There are many disputes that will often arise between landlords and their tenants for one reason or the other and if these disputes can’t be resolved amicably, they will often end up in civil court. Some of such disputes include damage to property, forceful eviction andnon-refund of security deposit, among others.

In most civil cases the punishment never carries jail term and will instead mostly involve monetary compensation. However, if during the civil court proceedings it’s established that a party committed a criminal offence then the judge may recommend criminal prosecution for the party involved.

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