Law – These are the 3 characteristics of a good law firm

When it comes to deciding on whether working with a law firm will have better advantages than working with an independent lawyer, you must realize that not all law firms are equal, in the same way not all independent lawyers are equal. What this means is that you always have to vet a law firm as well as lawyers on a case by case basis before you can make a determination on who is better between the two to work with.

This article will focus on law firms and we are going to look at the 3 characteristics of a good law firm.

1 The firm should have a specific area of focus

Most good law firms understand that the field of law is too wide therefore they can’t afford to be jacks of all trades, instead, they will pick two to three fields of law and specialize in these areas. This will involve building legal teams with lawyers who have a specialization in these fields and working towards building their capacity and expertise in handling cases that fall under these fields. If you come across a law firm that claims to handle all types of law, you had better stay clear of it because chances are that they are masters in none of the fields.

2 Lawyers in the firm must be compassionate

A good law firm is one in which layers show great compassion to their clients as opposed to them prioritizing their billable hours. A lawyer who is compassionate will always want the best for their client because they fully understand that no one enjoys facing legal problems therefor they will always strive to ensure that the process is very smooth. It’s therefore a good idea to talk to current clients of the firm to get their feedback about the lawyers in the firm before you decide to hire the firm.

3 The firm has a good leadership team

A good law firm must have a good leadership team because most organizations are shaped by their leadership teams. It’s therefore very easy to tell if a law firm will be a good fit for you by doing a bit of background check on who its leadership is composed of and what their individual track records are. If you are impressed with what you find out about the leadership then you can rest assured that the firm will be a good fit for you.

If you are truly determined to find a good law firm to represent you, then these shouldn’t be difficult characteristics to figure out on your own. Consider it part of your due diligence.

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