Business software pricing calculator 

Are you in search of launching software for your business but price calculations seems a bigger problem for you? Get off your all worries because brings a fantastic solution for your pricing calculations and offers a software calculator that helps to calculate the total cost of business called TCO. Business software TCO calculator brings amazing features to serve a businessperson and make their work quick and easy. So what this fabulous calculator includes in it? Let us have a look at what includes inside the business software TCO pricing calculator.

Free downloading offer free downloading of TCO calculator to provide you with the best facilities to make bigger calculation with feasibility.  There are multiple plans like free or paid. Paid software comes with more features in contrast to the free one. You will find many plans with the per month cost. The total cost that you will get at the end after choosing your preferences will mainly depend on plans, servers, users, customization options and training classes as well.


When you are downloading business software pricing calculator, it may ask you the total number of users that approach to the system under one license. One can select his plan according to the number of users and the amount he is willing to pay.

Data migration

Another fantastic feature that business software calculator offers is the migration of data from one computer or system to another. When you install some new software, you have to transfer your all data from the previous system to a newer downloaded software. Most importantly, if your whole data is saved on paper files or excel spreadsheets, you have to transform it on the latest software.

As you know in business, you have multiple types of data like transactions, customer details, or invoices, so you have to pinpoint the data you like to migrate. You maybe have 1000 to 100000 records or sometimes perhaps more. So select the option of how many data records you are looking up for migration.

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Software Customization

The good thing about TCO calculator software is that they allow you the customization according to your choice that many other software available in the market did not offer. Do you understand what is meant by customization in TCO? It is so simple as if you have one, two, or more systems working on your data at the same time, you can choose between minimal, standard, and fully customization feature.

  • In minimal, you can integrate one or two systems.
  • In standard, you can integrate 3 to 5 systems.
  • In a full customization system, you can integrate more than five systems at a time.

You can also generate reports according to your preferences by using customization tool of business software pricing calculator.

Facility for making training groups gives you an option to choose between different training groups or classes. You can select 1-2 training sessions, 3-4 training sessions, 5-6 training sessions or 7-8 training session according to your needs.

Service and support believe in excellent service and support system to help the users. The offer you to choose between premium vendor service and support and local installation service and support. They both cost you differently. So according to your budget or finances, you can choose between both of them.

You do not have to hire some professional to calculate the cost for your business. As you see this software is easy to use and gives the correct calculated amount within minutes. The best feature is that they ask about your choice for each option. So go to now and enjoy.

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